I never thought I would say this…

But I am really a bit tired of cooking and eating hamburgers!

After plenty of practice, we have nailed down what we’ll be cooking in the first round of Friday’s Burger category at the World Food Championships.  Thanks to everyone who has tasted and suggested and tasted again – I do think we have a really tasty hamburger ready to go…now here’s hoping the judges like it!

If they do, then there will be even more cooking Friday night – and then a lot of celebrating!  If we’re not celebrating, I guess we’ll be in mourning.  Either way, there will be alcohol involved.  Just need to be able to get up to hassle encourage my BBQ homies cooking in the barbecue category – good luck to all y’all!

Stay tuned for notes from the road…


World Food Championships – Here We Go!

I guess it is now officially practice time! Just got notified that my wild card submission for the World Food Championships Burger Competition has been accepted!

So many ideas…so little time to settle on one and perfect it.