More Wenatchee!

The T & A (Tom and Anthony) BBQ class team, along with Christene, had a great time at the cooking class hosted by Mike’s Meat and Farmer’s Market.

Our seven students – divided up into 3 teams – learned about brisket, pork butt, ribs, chicken, sauces, rubs, and presentation, and about some great competition BBQ traditions.  Namely the 10:00 Shot – always a class favorite!


Wenatchee Cooking Class

Well, here we are in Wenatchee. The sun is shining, the pits are hot, and the brisket demo is moving forward.

It should be a good day – just waiting for the sun to warm us up…

99.9 KISW here we come!

Did my first Bull’s-Eye radio interview today. Listen for me on the Seattle airwaves…

Three Activations Down…

We’ve had two retail and one event activation so far. It has been a ton of fun handing out sauce samples and talking to folks about barbecue and Bull’s-Eye Sauce!