The University Street Fair – All Porked Out!

This last weekend the Raven’s Fyre Bull’s-Eye Team – Christene, Saffron, and I – were at the University Street Fair “Saucing up Seattle”. Let me tell ya – we definitely sauced up that event.

Saturday, with the sun shining and the weather warm, we put out over 2000 samples in the span of 9 hours. By the numbers, that worked out to 49 bottles of sauce and about 20 pork butts. That turned out to be more than I had expected, so we ended using all of our reserve pork that was set aside for Sunday. Translation: More pork had to be cranked out Saturday night.

After packing up and heading out, it took 3 different stops (Sam’s Club and two Safeway stores) to get the 18 butts we figured we would need for Sunday. Knowing that the weather would be colder and wet, and that the event would be an hour shorter, we figured on about 200 samples less, so 18 butts would be perfect. Got them on the smoker about 10:30 that night, cranked up the temperature, and had them ready by 8:30 Sunday morning, and we were off.

Who knew that Sunday would be even busier?

Even with the rain and the wind and the occasional hail, we were on a pace to hand out about 3000 samples. A lot of people who tried the Texas and Memphis sauces on Saturday came back to try the Carolina and Kansas City on Sunday. The pork finally ran out around 3:30, and so we finished out the day sampling on oyster crackers.

Definitely a great time, and a good run-up to being ready for the Fremont Fair – our next big sampling event. We’ll definitely be increasing the amount of pork on hand for that one!

Until next time…


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