Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Recap!

Saturday and Sunday’s Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce activations (Fred Meyer and Safeway, respectively) went off well, and a good number of people got the chance to try out the new Regional flavors.  We were joined by the awesome folks from KISW on Sunday, so we also got some great music for a couple of hours.

But the great news of the weekend is that Christene cranked out the butts and brisket for her sister’s 40th birthday party.  It was her first time being completely responsible for the meats, having to trim, season, start the fire, and what-not.  She did an awesome job; the bit of brisket I tried was great!  Oh and the rubs on the meat were really good too… (no shameless self-promotion there!)

Next weekend we’ll be at the Capitol Hill QFC, and Fred Meyer in Kent, working our Bull’s-Eye mojo!


Come one, come all…


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