New Pork Rub

Sitting in the Shuttle Express van, so time for a quick post…

Premiering a couple of new secret ingredients in the pork and rib rib rub this weekend. More to come after we see how it goes!

Sorry for the absence…

Been a busy bit with lots of non-BBQ stuff going on. BUT!

We’re gearing up for the last two full competitions of the season. We’ll be cooking BBQ on the Bypass in Langley, BC, and the the BBQ Basin Bash in Moses Lake, WA.

Both should be fun events. Angie Quaale always puts on a great event with interesting extra categories, and the Basin Bash also has a full Dutch Oven cook the first day.

Wish us luck!

OK, so things have been busy for a bit…

First of all, we wrapped up our summer’s Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce sampling events. Along with a couple of awesome Fourth of July events – an airshow and a full on street festival in Tacoma on the Fourth – we also were able to have an event at the Cheney Jubilee. Sampling there allowed us to compete, which was a blast. It also showed us how out of practice we are.

Since we are out of practice, this upcoming weekend we will be down in Longview, Washington at the Thunder Mountain BBQ Championship working on getting back our mojo. While it is going to be a small event, there are going to be some excellent cooks there, so I’ll feel fortunate if we do well.

Along with all the sampling and competing, we’ve been able to work on our “branding” with a new logo, new gear on the way, and so on.

Wow! A bit of event shuffling…

But we’re all set for the last few weekends of Bull’s-Eye Sauce Sampling!

Here’s the breakdown of where you can find us while you still have a chance:
July 1st we’ll be at the Wings & Wheels event of the Tacoma Freedom Fest.
July 4th we’ll be at the Tacoma Freedom Fest Main Event. Barbecue and Fireworks! How can you get more American than that?
July 7th and 8th we’ll be at the Cascade Country Cook-Off in Chehalis. And we’ll finally get a chance to compete! Looking forward to that. This upcoming weekend we have Saturday off, which is good as I need to knock all the rust and dust off of my competition gear, and make sure everything is squared away for the following weekend. It is definitely going to be a busy week for barbecue, with 4 sampling events in 8 days.
Finally, for July 14th and 15th we’ll be at two different grocery stores to wrap everything up.

Remember to check out the calendar for all of the details!

Fremont Street Fair Next!

No sampling scheduled for the weekend of the ninth…that will give me a chance to mow, clean up the yard, and all that kind if good stuff. Best of all, we’ll be able to spend some time getting ready for the Street Faur.

Lake City Way Fred Meyer Rocks!

Sampled a “butt”-load (you know, like pork butt!) of Bull’s-Eye this last weekend, and left about 5 bottles of KC on the shelf. They loved themselves some BBQ at that store.

Christene and I both went home exhausted!

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Recap!

Saturday and Sunday’s Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce activations (Fred Meyer and Safeway, respectively) went off well, and a good number of people got the chance to try out the new Regional flavors.  We were joined by the awesome folks from KISW on Sunday, so we also got some great music for a couple of hours.

But the great news of the weekend is that Christene cranked out the butts and brisket for her sister’s 40th birthday party.  It was her first time being completely responsible for the meats, having to trim, season, start the fire, and what-not.  She did an awesome job; the bit of brisket I tried was great!  Oh and the rubs on the meat were really good too… (no shameless self-promotion there!)

Next weekend we’ll be at the Capitol Hill QFC, and Fred Meyer in Kent, working our Bull’s-Eye mojo!


Come one, come all…